A time for change!

Born and raised in Bald Hills during the early 60’s, I have experienced many revolutions, and yet human nature remains the same. It may be hard to believe now, but in the 60’s and 70’s the microwave oven was the stuff of science fiction.

As a woman of my time I have benefited from a tertiary education and have followed my version of the Australian dream, although most women of my era do not have that advantage. I believe there are two sets of reasons: the revolution of gender equality is dangerously slow, and women are fundamentally different to men.

Democracy and capitalism are the only way for joyful human society to exist, but for fairness to all including non-human animals, it MUST have systems and limits. Presently, big business and big political parties are forcing their interests to fruition without reference to the voting public.

Non-voting entities such as big business, should not have any say in our democratic process or outcomes. That they do is evidence of a corruption of the democratic process that is not answerable to the voting public. The individuals involved in those businesses may represent their business interests, as individuals of course.

Politicians of all levels urgently require clear job descriptions, with their appointment diaries visible on-line for their voting public to view anytime. When parliament is not sitting, your member should be accessible to constituents by appointment to hear their woes. It would improve awareness and strengthen ties between members and their constituents.

Parliamentary privilege was established for a purpose and it is under-used. Why have we not been hearing just some of the many heart wrenching stories from the voting public about the big banks taking their life savings? Our democratic process is malfunctioning. There is no pathway for redress, without proper political systems.

The major parties appear only interested in being popular and deciding how the nation’s money is spent. They fight like neighbours over a tree on a boundary. Imagine what could be achieved if both sides co-operated for the common good. Four-year terms would help politicians to focus on doing a better job. Politicians are people too.

Some possible changes to our democratic structure could include:

  • More equal pay between ministers and shadow ministers.
  • Politician’s qualify for pensions only after three 4 year terms
  • Limited number of terms.
  • Clear job descriptions and on-line diaries with appointments for each political representative.
  • Clear speedy redress systems for serious complaints eg misdiagnosed cancer, bank fraud, real estate fraud.
  • Family court proceedings to be mandatorily on-line, with few exceptions (eg child abuse). Access and division to be 50-50 would reduce conflict and improve parenting.
  • Two tiers of governance to include 1. elected members who have the trust of the community and experience of life’s pitfalls, and 2. employed logicians and social engineers with the skills to effectively enact these changes. Level 1 knows the “what” and level 2 the “how” to get things done.
  • Parliament must not become top heavy with members from a single background (eg law). Constituents should not be subjected to the standard legal defensive position of the “see nothing, know nothing” routine performance that is too familiar to us all. Our pollies have become shameless in their shirking of their voters.
  • A fair proportion of female representatives in parliament.
  • Expect moral courage from our political representatives. They must be willing to do the right thing publicly even if loss of popularity may occur initially.
    The monarchy should be retained, lest we become a “little America”. The problems of state politics impacting federal, needs to be resolved another way.
  • Each 5 years a routine restructuring or spring clean should be carried out on all public systems and bureaucracies.
    Reference to experts and stakeholders when enacting changes to prevent oversights and mistakes.
  • A basic living wage for all, this may need to be staged. But quid pro quo. To qualify all must take on some vocational or tertiary training after school. National service would be one model with few or no persons excepted. People living with a disability can perform on-line ordering, stock control etc. The benefits to national cohesion and self-esteem would be immeasurable.
  • Aim high.

Please vote 1 for Dr JACKIE and show the big parties you want constructive change to democratic processes.